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Selecting a Tennis Racket

Selecting a tennis racket
The first thing to consider is the size. Adult rackets are usually 27" in length, for both male and female. Younger players are shorter, starting from 21" & 23" for young children to 25" for more experienced and 26" for young teenagers. The next thing is the grip. Most men use a 4 3/8" grip. That's the measurement around the handle (circumference). A larger man might want a 4 1/2" grip. Ladies might use 4 1/4". It doesn't sound much difference, only 1/4", but hand sizes can vary. The fingers shouldn't overlap too much when gripping the racket handle. Some player may put on an extra handle grip for added thickness.

The final decision is type of material the tennis racket is made from. They less expensive rackets are aluminum or alloy compound. The next group may contain graphite, and better rackets contain carbon. It's all about weight, strength and flexibility. If you are not a hard hitter you may need some weight in the racket to generate power. If you like playing at the net them a lighter racket with more control would be better.

What is the difference between racket grips and racket wraps?
A tennis grip replaces the grip on your racket. A wrap goes on top of the grip to protect against wear & sweat. Wraps are very cheap and some players will use new wraps for each match.

What about re-stringing a tennis racket?
Yes, we do re-stringing at Central Sports. There is only one string in a tennis racket and when it breaks it costs $35 for a re-string. Strings usually break when they rub & wear against each other so the player using heavy spin will likely break more strings. Strings also need to be at a certain tension. If you play at the net and liked volleying, then a tighter string tension will give you more control as it is an even surface for ball bounce. If you are a power hitter from the baseline then a looser tension is needed, to give a trampoline effect. Even if your rackets strings don't break they will still lose tension. If you play once a week you should get a re-string once a year. If you play twice a week, then twice a year, and so on.

Tennis Balls?
Use good quality tennis balls and replace them often. Tennis balls wear out quickly, losing their fluff and bounce. If they feel hard, then give them to the dog.

If you have any questions at all, ask the staff.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at Central Sports.



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