Central Sports Club Rewards


Central Sports is proud to support the Adelaide Hills local sporting community with discounts, donations and sponsorship. Our Club Rewards is a fantastic opportunity for clubs to participate in our club sponsorship scheme that rewards local clubs with sponsorship $$$.

How does Club Rewards Sponsorship $$$ work?

Central Sports will provide your club with store credit (Club Rewards) to spend on anything in the store that can be used by the club, e.g. equipment, balls, footwear, trophies. Your store credit can be exchanged for vouchers that can be presented to players, or used in raffles or other fund-raising activities.

How many Club Rewards Sponsorship $$$ will Central Sports provide?

Each time your club refers someone to Central Sports, and that customer mentions the referral, your club will gain 5% of the transaction value. Purchases do not have to be club related, Club Rewards apply to everything in the store, anytime, all year round. Club Rewards can accumulate very quickly, especially if your club actively promotes referrals.

Customers receive 5% discount on purchases.
Your club receives 5% sponsorship of the sale value.
Every sale, all year round

How does your club get Club Rewards Sponsorship $$$?

Club Rewards are limited to clubs seeking to build a sponsorship relationship with Central Sports. This may include additional donations, discounts and recognition by your club at the appropriate level of sponsorship.

Call us now on 8536-4055 or contact us to organise sponsorship $$$ club rewards for your club.

Central Sports Club Rewards Conditions

  1. Central Sports Club Rewards ("Club Rewards") is open to all sporting clubs and community non-profit organisations.
  2. Clubs and other organisations need to contact Central Sports to qualify for loyalty points.
  3. Club Rewards applies to purchases made by individual club members and does not include club orders, bulk orders or trophy and engraving orders.
  4. Club Rewards discount does not apply to sale items, discounted or special offers, gift vouchers, or when any other offer is being used.
  5. Central Sports reserves the right to refuse or remove membership from Club Rewards, at any time, without notice.


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